RUE CHARLOT, has become over the years an emblematic and essential street in the “Bretagne – Enfants Rouges – Carreau du Temple –Turenne” district in the heart of the Marais.
It is punctuated by four essential restaurant brands: the “Café Charlot” (corner Bretagne/Charlot), the very trendy “Wild in The Moon” (at 55), “La Briciola” (corner Normandy/Charlot) and the brand new “Collier de la Reine” (corner Forez/Charlot) (ex Nanashi) which generate very regular traffic day and night, with in particular the night bar “Little Red Door”.
An offer of jewelry, watches, men’s clothing, galleries reinforces the notoriety and attractiveness of this portion of the street.
This is a structuring place for the flow of neighborhood regulars, weekend strollers and an international clientele who have their habits there.

After the renovation in 2016 of a 130 sqm showroom at 52 rue Charlot at the back of the courtyard, we renovated a 65 sqm store in June 2021 at the same address. In our momentum and in the face of growing demand, we have opened a second store of 40 sqm, at 43 rue Charlot in December 2021, benefiting from direct visibility from rue de Bretagne.
We are now completing our offer with the opening of a 146 sqm Shop & Gallery at the corner of rue de Normandie and rue Charlot.

This former historic store in the district housed a major player in the production of raincoats in France for fifty years.
With a surface area of 146 sqm located at the corner of the street, it has a 15-meter-long storefront of exceptional authenticity, is punctuated by four windows and two entrances with through light with a ceiling height of more than 3m.
It is an integral part of the “Hôtel Particulier” known as “de Bragelogne”.
Our choice was to renovate the exterior identically in order to preserve its cachet: wagon green color and oldfashioned black grilles.

The space consists of a ground floor with through light, 116 sqm and a reserve of 30 sqm.
As usual, the walls and floor are painted white which, with the ceiling height of more than 3m, makes this Shop & Gallery, even brighter.
Professional lighting composed of 57 powerful directional spotlights will allow a quality enhancement of the
works and products presented.

62 rue Charlot 75003 Paris
M° Filles du Calvaire (line 8) or Oberkampf (Lines 5-9) or Temple (line 3) or République (lines 3-5-8-9-11)
Parking nearly: 14 rue de Bretagne

Picture rails allow the hanging of many paintings, visuals or others.
The heating is supplemented by a hot air curtain installed on the entrance door for optimal comfort.
Anti-intrusion alarm – WIFI – kitchenette – WC