The Turenne’ Showroom


L’espace Turenne is historically a former warehouse of textile industry in the heart of Marais quarter. It is located in the Haussmannian style stone building of XIX century. It has just been renovated and given a new main entry door and two high windows according to the authorisation of the architect responsible for heritage issues.

It has all parisian aesthetic qualities needed for commercial store:
white stone building of Marais, Eiffel’s metallic constructions, horizontal zenith glassworks. For maximum brightness, the floor (polished concrete and renovated hardwood) and walls have been coloured into light tones (off-white and pale gray).

118 rue de Turenne 75003 Paris
M° Filles du Calvaire (ligne 8) ou République (lignes 3-5-8-9-11)
Parking à proximité: 14 rue de Bretagne

This space is equipped with professional audio-video technology providing high quality sound and visuals. Modular lighting provides different possibilities of the stage design. The events could be filmed and broadcasted on the Internet or on the in-door screens. The peculiarity of the place is in its 3 different levels which are connected to each other by stairs and a freight elevator. Every level is equipped with a toilet and a small kitchen:

Ground floor – 210 m2 with 30 m long and 7 m wide.
A central glassworks of 40 m2 providing natural lighting.
First floor is under the glass work, could serve as an independent showroom or a place for private business meetings.
Underground floor is accessible by two stairs and a freight elevator. The surface is of 150 m2 with high ceilings made of white stone. Due to 6 glass plates situated under the glassworks the underground area is lit up by the day light.